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GIFEW Constellation Membership

The GIFEW Constellation is a community of women like you who want to play together, make impact, and fulfil their true potential. We are women from all walks of life, all over the world.

Reclaim Your Best Life Program

a step-by-step guide to living your best life. 12 week accelerated journey to train women entrepreneurs, professionals, and societal leaders to transform their lives and increase their impact in these extraordinary times.

Evolutionary Journey Prologue Individual

Evolutionary Journey Prologue 121 is an individually customised transformational coaching program designed just for you

GIFEW Constellation Calibration Program - Autumn 2020

The Constellation Calibration Program is an extraordinary journey of transformation, collaboration and impact.

Evolutionary Journey Prologue Autumn 2019

12-Week Evolutionary Course with Bea Benkova and GIFEW Leaders

Evolutionary Woman Online

4 Week Self-Guided Evolutionary Transformation Program

Evolutionary Journey Prologue Spring 2020

12-Week Evolutionary Course with Bea Benkova and GIFEW Leaders

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