Making your Cash Flow with Yinka

Leader: Yinka Ewuola
Description:This resource insights session was born out of a co-creation in our last GIFEW Membership call. The amazing Yinka, business consultant extraordinaire to extraordinary women has designed a new program for a need she saw amongst successful women. Why do we let ourselves go unpaid for so long after we’ve delivered amazing value and services???
Together Yinka will take us through a process supporting us to increase income, ensure it flows at will and on demand for women in business using her 3 power tools. In exchange for Yinka’s leadership and value, she’ll be looking for our feedback on how she can improve her new program so that women get game changing results. You won’t want to miss this!

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Get into 2022 Action with Katherine

Leader: Katherine Longhi
Description: Since you created your year 2022 with Marie earlier this month, now is the time to start to get into action to making those big dreams come true this year! Join Katherine and other women of the GIFEW constellation as we explore what holds us back as well as some simple hints and tips for starting this year off right and in ACTION. 

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Sustainability Talks

Leader: Lubica Ragula
nvitation to all evolving women to join our monthly sustainability talks.
In GIFEW we believe in women supporting and building each other up. Moreover, Lubica believes that women can and should play the crucial role in re-building our society. The current ways of living have become utterly unsustainable from the long-term perspective. We need to enhance our consciousness to bring as many innovations and transformation into our daily lives as possible so we don’t have to face unprecedented climate changes in decades to come.
As women we need to bring back the feminine qualities of caring and compassion into their communities and decision making, in order for us to be able to preserve our planet for future generations. The change in a way of life is an urgency, not an option anymore, but can be realized in a joyful way.
Through the regular GIFEW sustainability talks we aim to bring more awareness to various topics connected to sustainability and to create space for conversation and call to action. We wish to empower and inspire women globally in the battle against climate change and offer space to feel heard, supported, get creative and called to action.

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What's YOUR WORD for 2022?

Leader: Bea Benkova
Description: What’s YOUR WORD for 2022? Is it Lead? Is it Trust? Is it Possibility? Your word is your power to focus on what is truly important to you! Join me in our membership call on Monday Jan 3rd! Think about and bring a meaningful word for YOU in 2022! This is a tradition and a touch stone of focus and personal power that I know many of you already engage in! Let’s TALK about it and SHARE our WORD for 2022! I am so excited for all that we can create together!

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