Taking a Stand for the Planet

Leader: Lubica Ragulova
Description: We all have our dreams, hopes for our future, thoughts about what we want our lives to look like, what we want for our families our, children, our loved ones? What actions must we take to move courageously in that direction?
For our futures to unfold in a sustainable way we need to seriously understand and take individual and collective responsibilities for the resources on our mother planet. We need to embrace that sustainability is NOT just a fancy word. Join Lubica Ragula, European Environmental Sustainability Leader in this important conversation.
“I came to believe that it is up to women to come forward and lead this conversation. With inclusivity and gentle strength, we must take a stand, create smart solutions and ensure that we don’t leave anyone behind.” LR

Integration, Influence, and Impact with Katherine

Leader: Katherine Longhi
An awesome pre-summit conversation to get you powerfully set up on your evolutionary journey this week! Join Katherine in dialogue around our pillars of alignment – relationship with self, relationship to others, and relationship to the world. Get ready to reset and reboot your evolutionary super powers!

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Taking a Stand

Leader: Carol Secord & Lucille Mandin
“Taking a stand is a way of living and being that draws on a place within yourself that is at the very heart of who you are. When you take a stand, it give you authenticity, power and clarity. You find your place in the universe and you have the capacity to move the world.” – Lynne Twist.
Come and join in the conversation inspired by our summit speaker, Lynne Twist, Author of the book Soul of Money. We will explore what emotions are the hurdles to understand and set aside as we find our courage and our place to take a stand. We will also explore the emotions that are released when we do take a stand. Taking a stand is powerful tool for all evolutionary women.

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Integration and Transformation with Marie

Leader: Marie Soprovich
Our resident love-in-action leader Marie will lead us in a conversation around integration and transformation. How do we as evolutionary women find our centre of gravity at our core so we can lead from love? How do we close our evolutionary gaps as women? We’ll discuss all of this as well as weave together, co-create, and make impact.

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