Becoming Unstoppable Together

Leader: Katherine Longhi
Co-created by the constellation of evolving women in our last conversation together, this is all about looking at what stops us in life and making a difference. And we’ll do it together, the divinely feminine way. Don’t go it alone, come and join us!

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Creating and Launching Your Evolutionary Impact Plan

Leader: Katherine Longhi
A practical hands on opportunity to see the impact plans our GIFEW members have created so that we can feedback to one another, hear what each other are up to, and look together how we can support one another to fulfil on them.
If you created an impact plan on the challenge, great you can share it. If you didn’t, you can learn by seeing other women’s plans. And there’s no time like the present to get started:

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The Mother-Daughter Bond

Co-created by the mother-daughter pairs in GIFEW and led by the amazing Andrea Tittelova, this will be a deep dive into the complex bond that exists between mothers and daughters. Inspired by the Heroine’s Journey, GIFEW mothers and daughters wanted to bring this unprecedented conversation to our inner circle to really look together and heal each other. Look forward to being with you in this new conversation!

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Master Your Mindset Breakthrough Your Barriers

Mentor: Debra Kasowski

Do you ever say to yourself, “There must be something more than this? I know I have more than I am capable of.” It’s that BURNING DESIRE and PURPOSE – recognizing you have a calling for something BIGGER. Yet at the same time, you can have an internal struggle where you tell yourself, “BUT, “I am NOT…” “I DON’T KNOW…, “WHAT IF… “WHAT WILL THEY SAY”, It’s not meant to be…
Your limitations determine the quality of your life.
You make choices based on what you believe is possible and how you feel about the actions you need to take and the outcomes you desire.
ALL these limitations – these BELIEFS take place in your MIND.
You will WIN OVER the interview or promotion not by what you know alone. You win over the interview or promotion because you were able to speak with CONVICTION as to who you are and what you are capable of.
You will GET A CLIENT not because of what you do alone. You will get a client based on your BELIEF in who you are, how you serve and what you can do to help others.
How many of you have self-imposed limitations holding you back and sabotaging your success?
How many of you know that the right time to bust through these limitations is NOW?
Say YES!

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Making Miracles Every Day with Marie

Mentor: Marie Soprovich

Let’s get into each other’s worlds. Everything that is happening to us is giving us an opportunity to train our attitudinal muscles, to stand within every situation as a conduit for the love that will work whatever miracle needs to be worked to take things to the next best place! Can’t wait to see you there. ❤️🎶

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