The Power is in the In-Between

Leader: Dani Strang

This is all about embracing the space between where we are and where we’re going!
This can be a scary place and an incredible opportunity for growth if we are willing. Look forward to exploring this with you. Hope to see you there!

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Vision and Purpose with Bea

Leader: Bea Benkova

Our lovely GIFEW Founder and CEO, Bea Benkova will be leading us in a conversation we have each quarter about vision and purpose. This is the chance for us all to come together, share and exchange what’s important to us, what we’re creating, and look for practical opportunities how we can collaborate together. You won’t want to miss it!

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Deep Listening

Leader: Martina Fau

What does it mean deep and profound listening? Why would we want access to this? What is the difference between present and deep? Let’s explore this together and practice deep listening of each other.

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Relationships are Everything

Leader: Marie Soprovich

With references to A Course in Miracles: There is no spiritual path that does not include relationships. Remember that this path is in our head first. There is no path that doesn’t include how we think about other people!

We know ourselves through our relationships. Every relationship is a lesson giving us the opportunity to becomes better than we were before! We will explore this idea and understand how the challenges of our relationships with others, our work, our environment our own ways of being are opportunities for us to understand and remember that we are here to grow.

We will explore key questions and explore Who have we been in relationship?” So much juice in this conversation. Come and join us!