Co-creating new culture for humanity

Evolutionary Journey Prologue is a personalized transformational coaching program for committed women who stepped up or are stepping up as leaders in their community, organization or professional domain.

The program provides the impulse and framework to live an integrated life fuelled by a meaningful legacy and to tune into your natural ability to be powerful, feminine, vital and wealthy as a woman in every aspect of your existence.

The Prologue is specifically designed to open up new possibilities and unprecedented level of clarity on your talents, passions and deep purpose as a woman and as a leader, especially when on a crossroad or during an important juncture in your professional or personal life.

Dear Evolving Woman,
Welcome to the start of a transformational journey! I acknowledge you for your commitment to yourself and others to make a difference in the world. The difference that you want to make starts with you and you are in the perfect place.

This education is the foundation for all female change makers, whether you have been working on yourself for a while, as part of the contribution you make, or whether it is your first time. Femina Fusion is the foundation of all GIFEW education.

During the program you will get the opportunity to transform and energize your relationship to yourself, others and the world so that you can begin to live an extraordinary life and shine as a woman.

What exactly do I mean when I refer to “fusion?” 
Fusion of the feminine is the process in which women transform from ordinary to extraordinary. It is the process of becoming a star. Or the process of making a diamond. If there’s no pressure, there’s no diamond right?

In order to get more of a flavour for Femina Fusion, I’ve invited some of our Femina Fusion graduates to a conversation and dialogue on this very topic. I hope it will help to shed some light and you can see for yourself the impact of this education for these female change makers.

Making most of your program

So to make sure you get the most out of your program, I recommend that you actively participate in the program and do it as it designed.

Be open. Be curious. Be responsible for your learning. Be committed to live an extraordinary life and shine as a woman.

Enjoy the journey – with all its ups and downs. That is exactly where the real learning and transformation happen.

Watch these 2 videos

Sandra Epstein: GIFEW Summit

(Password: GIFEWConstellation)

Jazz Rasool: GIFEW Summit

(Password: GIFEWConstellation)