Lesson 3

Network & Relationships

Like with your knowledge and experience, whilst you discover or reconnect to your talents and passions that are inside of you, you build your NETWORK & RELATIONSHIPS  over time.

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.” Jane Howard

Your network is not just a pile of business cards you have in your drawer or file. It is the number of people you know and who know you. And the trust and quality of relationships you have with them.

The more you want to have a fulfilled and happy life where you’re really integrated and you are making a difference, the bigger the network and the higher the quality of your network needs to be. You cannot live life on your own.

The network you will build needs to be around your passions. The more you have people of same passion around you, the more resources, the more opportunities, the more finances and information you attract. These are the people with whom you can naturally collaborate.

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There are three elements that distinguish a great network. The first one is the quality of people inside your network. The second one is the frequency of your interactions. The more you interact with people in your network the stronger are the connections, the more trust you build. The third one is the quality of your interactions or conversations. You may talk about the weather or you can converse about inspiring ideas, discuss potential projects, exchange resources, information, or advice.

For you to build a flourishing and trusting network of relationships, you will need to invest time to grow and nurture it.

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Password: GIFEWFeminaFusion

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