Lesson 7

Ego - Soul Dynamics

In session 7 we explore more of the Ego-Soul dynamics and go deeper into our listening and speaking.

“Listening starts with letting go of your own opinion”.

Together we will look at the language you use because your listening creates your language, and your language creates your listening.

The preparation for this session is as follows:

1. Review your playbook for session 2 of your Evolutionary Woman 2020. Write down how your listening has or hasn’t changed.

2. Write down what you are committed to transforming in your world. Take a look during this upcoming week how you speak about others. This can be in an internal conversation or verbally. As you are looking at how you speak about others explore the following:

3a. Ask yourself and be authentic: “Who you are for me and who I am for you and who am I for me”?

3b. Notice what the other person says or doesn’t say. We literally have the power to shape what another sees as possible in our conversations.

3c. What would have my relationships work where they are not working?

3d. Does my listening for me and others work for them and me?

Classroom recording

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