“Live large. Don’t live by the constraints of the past, your culture, your fears. We are in a historical moment where our generation is going to determine the future of the human race.” – Jim Garrison

Welcome to the Ultimate Impact Training for Women!

This is a self-guided course so here’s how to participate to make sure you get the most out of your program.

Making the most of your program:

Go at your own pace, it’s perfect. 

We recommend scheduling to do the program either over 1 week (one module per day) or 1 month (one module per week).
Do the program as it is designed. Don’t skip ahead or avoid the playwork.
Share your discoveries in the GIFEW Women Facebook Group
Be open. Be curious. Be responsible for your learning.

Be committed to live an extraordinary life and shine as a woman. Enjoy the journey – with all its ups and downs. That is exactly where the real learning and transformation happen.​