To be an Evolutionary is to understand that our future is not written, that we are free from the past and that we can forge our destiny and influence history with our individual and collective choices.

Welcome to the Reclaim Your Best Life program! 

Here inside your program platform you will find all of your program content, playbooks, mentoring call recordings and more. Have a look around and post any questions you have in the Reclaim Your Best Life Facebook group.

Be open. Be curious. Be responsible for your learning. Be committed to live an extraordinary life and shine as a woman.

Enjoy the journey with all its ups and downs. That is exactly where the real learning and transformation happen.

Bonus Session with Bea Benkova – Align & Calibrate (1st December, 6 – 7.30pm UK time) 

Dates of live sessions

Session 1 – October 22, 2020  Session 2 – October 29, 2020 Session 3 – November 12, 2020 Session 4 – November 26, 2020 Session 5 – December 3, 2020 Session 6 – December 17, 2020 Session 7 – January 14,  2021 Session 8 – January 21, 2021 Session 9 – February 4, 2021

All session are from

4 – 5.30pm Uk time

4-5:30pm BST / GMT

5-6:30pm CEST / CET

11am-12:30pm EDT / EST*

8-9:30am PDT / PST*

12-1:30am JST*


*Call times are set in European timezones and will change depending on your local timezone when daylight savings time ends in your timezone.